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This is a good app but unfortunately its the only one of its kind that I've found for hacking games on Android systems and can be used for all games. before There is a new Trainer / Cheat Apps on Android Market it's called "Contract K. Trainer". It gives you unlimited money, credits, all weapons and more. and now no available on the market.

there are four points to consider in gamecih2.
first, the input number on the gamecih2
second, the default number (the numbers will be changed),
third, the numbers has changed on the games,
Fourth, if you use gamecih2, use the airplane mode, or you gamecih2, became lite version. ( lite version =
click the bottom advertisement to enable Hidden Mode. Wait 7 seconds on the page ( after stop loading the page ), and press your hotkey. If "Browser" is in red, you are in Hidden mode. If not, try again by closin out of GameCIH and try again )

code for contract killer android games 

money = easy guy, have try...

energy = 007f73b8

XP total = 007f0388 or 008a78a0

your XP = 00f20bdc

credit = 013b2908 or 013d0724

 How to use gamecih app to your smart phone:

1. Start GameCIH ( for xperia play I use old version 2.1.1 because 2.2.1 and 2.2.2 is a lite version ) and select the button / hotkey you want to use to activate GameCIH (personally I use the search key button on my xplay).

2. Starting the game.

3. click on the selected button ( search hard  key button )

4. box to select the Input Number, enter the number of such money or anything that you need to change it, which you have now in the game.

5. there are many lines, close the window of the program by selected back button.

6. spend money in the game, or vice versa, we obtain, so would the number of money (or anything else) has changed. ( remember that input number has changed or trainer fail )

7. Again we go in the gamecih app, now we have again press the Input Number, enter the number has changed (for example, have the money 3000, bought something, money was suppose 2600, then enter 2600)

8. the program finds the values that has changed, select the value (s) and change such as 99999 ( don't put so much number or will crash ), confirm, go to the game by selected back button.

9. if this time you're in luck, then the number will change to something that you have written.

and done

download via market     gamecih 2.1.1     gamecih 2.2.1        gamecih 2.2.2


Mklarskov said...

Is there any other place to download this app?
It aint on Marked anymore.

gumbung said...

just go to owner web, I already give the link above.

ashwin said...

Hi regars to u.
Can the written instruction above be made more simpler i.e step by step.
I tried the way written as it is. but the value doesnt change. In short i am not getting it.
May be i am skipping some imp step.

ashwin said...

Finally done.Money figures is changed but i dont get the credit changed. 013d0 for credit doesnt come on the screen.

ishan said...

I have galaxy s2....can u tell me how to use this

verry ali Saputra said...

just download app below post, then follow instructions.
note: you may download all 3 app, gamecih 211 look better for contract killer, get it try

verry ali Saputra said...
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Jerry Drof said...

what the picture above is taken from your mobile phone if it please upload your save

Synth said...

can't search the energy or credits. i was using input name. help please

tony stark said...

Go to the following link it works
I just got 99999999 credits and i m not joking

pramod kamble said...

It's a fake