nokia N8 tips and tricks

Tutorial ICS (internet Connection Sharing) with laptop via wifi.

1. The first step is to create ad-hoc network on your laptop or computer.
Control panel --> all items control panel --> network and sharing center --> manage wireless networks --> add --> create an ad hoc network --> new connection, security-type no authentication --> turn on Internet connection sharing.
2. Adapter properties --> internet protocol version 4 --> Properties --> IP and DNS entries. and settings on your laptop or computer is completed.

To nokia N8
1.setting --> connectivity --> destinations --> Access point --> select the wireless LAN (custom-made ad hoc name) --> select internet.
2.internet --> select the connection name --> options --> advanced settings --> ipv4 settings --> phone ip address.

1. Default Gateway is the main gate in entering the network. default gateway on the laptop should be the same as in the mobile phone.
2. ip address for the identity of the IP phone to the network include 2-225 example:, to 225 is useful if there are 2 nokia N8 or other computers that use Adhoc.
3. IMPORTANT THIS ONCE. when using Broadband connection (IM2, XL unlimited, all that use external modem). after create Adhoc and settings in nokia N8, Disconnect first. after it connects again.
if this is not done, we usually can not browse on the laptop. even in tubes that can be.'s how to disconnect first, then connects again.

disable auto connect to internet.

1. enter settings - connectivity (touch near the battery, click the arrow).
2. enter settings - data use in the home network: set to always ask, underneath as well.
3. so you need to connect, the connect auto or connect this time only, select connect this time only.
4. entry -> wlan -> settings -> show wlan availability: never.
5. option to offline mode, done.
6. delete the shortcut, press and hold the widget, remove.
symbian ^ 3 recognize long press for additional menu (like right click on pc).

tips  before hard reset.

If your Nokia N8 widgets can not get online, email does not connect, map hangs, slow response, etc. you need to hard reset. before it should first try this way:

1. Force shutdown before the restore factory settings (press start 8 seconds, until the vibration 3 times).
2. if not possible, restore factory settings, then force shutdown again.
3. If still problems, must restore the ovi suite -> should be a routine backup, Restore should be succesfull.
4. If after a restore still can not, do not try to force shutdown again.

most easily pull the battery -> your guarantee will be lost.
Do not copy text massage from ovi suite to Phone, if more than 4000 sms, there will be hang.
Never a hard reset (reset factory setting + delete data).

nokia N8 (Vasco) original or replica.

1. Body
Notice the black part under the bottom of the screen, the original Vasco away slightly, while the replica even wider.
2. Menu Structure
See the menu composition, particularly the Option and the Call button, on the left, right, down, also in the middle, which is the transfer button Homescreen. The original look with a false distinction.
3. Main Menu
Researching the top, in writing menu, located above in addition to the original, Vasco genuine apply once the touch system taps directly into the selected menu.
4. Bottom
See also the bottom, left, right, who posts the original Option and Exit.
5. Menu Option
Vasco replica when the Option key touch, out of a full window with a numbered menu. Original Vasco when we touch the Option key will exit the sub menu animated. and no figures.

Installing InivisibleSHIELD on the Nokia N8

If you’re having issues installing your full body invisibleSHIELD on the Nokia N8, we’ve just created our first ever Youtube video demonstrating how to install it. There are tips for installation and, of course, a video outlining what you have to do and showing you how to do it.

When you buy the invisibleSHIELD for the Nokia N8, you get the following contents: the invisibleSHIELD, a bottle of spray, a squeegee and a lint-free cloth. When installing the invisibleSHIELD you should ensure that you take the time and effort to apply it precisely, especially when doing the more fiddly bits, such as the smaller parts.

Installing the full body invisibleSHIELD is slightly annoying, but pays off in the end. In the end, it offers full body protection for your whole mobile phone, whilst ensuring style isn’t compromised. Your phone needs protection, so when it does, get your hands on an InvisibleSHIELD for the Nokia N8 and use our installation video below to help install.

How To Update Your Phone Book.

The Nokia N8 can take some getting used to, due to its brand new Symbian ^3 operating system. If you’ve just bought a Nokia N8, then join us after the break. We’ll be looking at how to copy phone numbers from your old telephone to your Nokia N8, and how to switch between the SIM card memory and the phone memory itself…
Before you take your SIM card out of your old phone, make sure you copy all of the phone numbers and contact details to it. This will allow you to copy over all the information – even if your old phone isn’t a Nokia – to your new Nokia N8.
Plug in your old SIM card, and turn on the Nokia N8. Click on the menu button, and then press Contacts. Then press SIM numbers – you’ll be offered a large drop down menu with various different features.
Tap Copy All To Phone, and click Yes when you’re asked if you want to copy all SIM numbers to the phone memory. Your contact details will then all be swapped across to your Nokia N8.
If you’re using a new SIM card, simply take the old one out, and switch them over. If you want to view numbers on the SIM card, or on the phone itself, click Options, Settings, and pick whichever option suits you best.


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