sony ericsson xperia play tips and trick | rooting Firmware R800i 4.0.A.2.368 guide

rooting Firmware R800i 4.0.A.2.368 guide

As we know, rooting it serves to open up access to the superuser.

video rooting guide

The steps are as follows:

1. Download Then store in SD card.

2. Download recoveryplay.img. Then save it in the folder fastboot.

3. Turn off your phone.

4. choose fastboot folder and press shift button and then right click, choose open command windows here.

5. Run the command boot "fastboot boot recoveryplay.img

5. Press the search button on your phone and then plug its USB cable to the computer. Hold until the led come blue. (you may uninstall sony ericsson pc companion before it is detected and force install driver, you get failed on rooting).

6. Wait a moment, then on your phone screen will appear Clockwork.
(about 30 second depend on your pc hardware).

7. Choose install zip from SD Card. Navigate to the file

8. Back on until the start menu and reboot.

home button for down
list button for up
back button for back
search button for enter


DarkSlayer2040 said…
Hi, would this work for Xperia play, with unlocked bootloader and with android version 2.3.4 - Nordic?
gumbung said…
just try and you see it's working...
Alfonz Mester said…
Not download "fastboot boot recoveryplay.img".

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