sony ericsson xperia play tips and trick | omnius backup guide

sony ericsson xperia play is my first android phone, and used to tweak useful for you later if there are problems or upgrades. before you make a tweak on this xplay, you should do a backup first so if something goes wrong, can restore back.

how to backup with omnius
make sure the batteries at least 50%
turn off phone
unplug the battery after 5 seconds, plug it in again.

backup with omnius video guide

download omnius for se here free and install, run omnius for se, see no device detected. you may install driver (updated driver) ggsemc in omnius software
C:\Program Files\Omnius for SE\Drivers\USB Flash v2.2.0.5\ggsemc

choose the phone model, select xperia play

select advanced, select the backup ta

browse files,
misc ta check and normal backup and then ok.

turn off xplay, plug the usb cable,
press the back button, do not released. while plug usb cable to pc, until the green color appears then release. action progress wait about 20 seconds, finished.   



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