download games data from server without wifi 2

when you want to install games with the apk files, games are sometimes can not run because it requires data from the games, you have to download first. because most games have a large data file, then you are required to use the wifi network to download it. were you do not have a wifi network at your place now. but there are ways to download games using the data carrier. I've made a previous post, how to download game data without wifi here.

1. create a text file with the name "qawifionlymode.txt"
2. open the txt file, and fill with "FALSE"
3. then save the file
4. move it on the sd card
5. install apk to your desired game.
6. The game will ask for additional file is the file size up to hundreds of megabytes.
7. note the lower right section there will be words "CARRIER NETWORK", select the menu.
8. and complete.

sometimes there are some games can not use this way.


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