fix bricked android phone

Make sure your battery is fully charged before attempting anything in this thread. If you did not heed this warning and your phone died while flashing.


1. download Odin, installed applications on your PC.

2. prepare a stock rom (nandroid backup stock) usually included bootloader, pda and radio.

3.usb driver is installed

4. root (made ​​into download mode is easy. just push the volume up and down together, and connect to pc usb nexus s)

5.not rooted phone (slightly more complicated method for entry into download mode)

in a state of total dead (the power button does not work). nexus s connection to the pc while press vol up and down together. later nexus screen will go into download mode.

we look at a PC device to detect.

start flashing, wait until the writing on odin "PASS".

already proven and successful in some bricked nexus s and galaxy s series.


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