install ADB without SDK

The easy way to install ADB in Windows

Without having to download the Android SDK that size can be more than 100 MB (including the Java SDK) in fact we can use the files contained in the package ADB SuperOneClick with small size.

1. Download
2. Create a folder "android" in c: \ or in d: \
3. Find the file begins "adb" from the extract SuperOneClick. There are three to five files.
4. Copy-paste the file to the folder android who had been made​​.
5. Click Start and select Run (can also shortcut Windows key + R) then type cmd.exe
6. Later entrance prompt, enter the folder for android and test whether the ADB has been able to use type the following command:

If the android folder is on drive C:

cd \ android
adb devices

If the android folder on drive D:

cd \ android
adb devices

It will be seen whether the Galaxy Mini is able to recognize and connect via ADB.

Make sure the following has been wrong before trying:
1. USB Debugging is checked in the phone (settings-applications-development).
2. USB Driver for phone is already installed.


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