java instalation on android

1.Donload Java emulator for Android.

2.Install java emulator on the device.

3.Jbed already installed on your device, it is time to prepare the files *. jar will be installed.

4.Copy desired *. jar file into the main folder / sdcard.

5.Jbed already installed & *. jar files already in SDCARD. It's time via Jbed Java installation.

Touch the Menu button (far left on your device) to appear like the picture above, then select "SD card" in order to Jbed can search files *. jar

6. Jbed find *. jar files that exist on the SD card.

Please select a *. jar file which will install.

7.Klick and install *. jar files that have been selected.

8.klik images folder labeled "SD Card" on Jbed apps, there will be no icon java apps already installed. select and running.

*Applications JAR-used should be compatible with Symbian S60v5, because it supports touchscreen.
*If a request "Permission" to access the network, please select "Yes, but ask me next session".


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