totorial unrooting on android


Unfortunately, the method to unroot by clicking on the Unroot button in Superoneclick does not work. So follow the following steps to unroot.

1. Download rootexplorer.apk and install Root Explorer on phone.
2. Run Root Explorer. A 'Superuser Request' prompt will come up. Press Allow.
3. Now, on the top, there will be a button saying 'Mount R/W'. Press it. It should change to 'Mount R/O'. The button should say 'Mount R/O' in order for you to be able to do anything in the following steps.
4. Now scroll to the bottom, click on system. Then click on bin.
5. In the bin folder, look for a file named 'su'. Long press on this file, and select Delete to delete it.
6. Now go back to the system folder by pressing the Back button once.
7. Now enter the app folder. Scroll down and look for the file named 'superuser.apk'. Long press on this file and delete it.
8. Exit Root Explorer after this. Uninstall it if you don't want to use it.
9. That's it. Your phone will be un-rooted.

Another method to unroot 1

1. Download and install Terminal Emulator.
2. Run Terminal Emulator on the phone. If you don't see a keyboard to type, press Menu and press Toggle Soft Keyboard.
3. Type su and press enter. Press Allow on the 'Superuser Request' prompt. The $ sign will change to a #.
4. Now type the following line exactly as it is and press enter: mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
5. Nothing will happen visually. The pointer will shift to a new line.
6. Now type the following line and press enter: rm /system/bin/su
7. Again, type following line and press enter: rm /system/app/superuser.apk.
8. Now exit Terminal Emulator. Your phone is un-rooted.

Another method to unroot 2

1. Format the Micro SD Card to FAT32.
2. Copy the DREAIMG.nbh file to the Micro SD Card. (NOT A ZIP FILE)
3. With the phone off, hold camera and press power to boot into the bootloader.
4. Once the bootloader is loaded, press power to install.
5. Press the trackball to continue and press talk + menu + power to reboot.

and this would flash the image to the phone that was there when the rooting hole was discovered. then you would from there to Root or UnRoot by selecting different files to get you back to last ver for either rooted or unrooted.


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