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Your memory RAM is the most important resource on your smartphone, and how it is used can drastically affect performance. Android 2.1 and up have the new version of the linux kernel which has a built in task killer. If you have a task killer, it is probably costing you RAM. Also, 128 MB is reserved for the GPU.

RAM can also affect speed for a single process. A program might have to use swap space more often, depending on the size of the process and the amount of RAM. It used to be that 256MB would have been unheard of luxury for programmers. Now it's at most barely sufficient, and more likely lacking. You are assuming that a process wouldn't need anywhere near 256MB, but you have to deduct the overhead of OS. That will likely cut the available memory down to something much smaller that a process could swallow.

Your comparison about processors assumes the same architecture, I just checked and the processors for the two devices are almost identical: a Cortex-A8 ARM. However, I just realized that there is another potential problem in the head-to-head comparison you suggest: the OS. One might be considerably more efficient and better written than the other. (A comparison between Vista and almost anything else comes to mind.) The better written the OS, the faster the performance. For exmaple, you could run Linux on a box that would crawl under the weight of Windows. You're making the mistake of looking at raw numbers and forgetting that they exist in a context. It's like trying to claim that one digital camera is better than another based on megapixel count. But the considerations get a lot more complicated than that. 

How do i get more ram ?

# RAM is being used if you have a lot of apps running. Go to Settings > Applications > Running services and you see what is running and how much RAM you have left. You can force quit any apps that you are not using and free up ram. This is like Android's in-home task manager.
The only way to get more RAM would be to flash +64MB kernel, which takes some of the reserved GPU RAM back, maybe ?

# Install a task manager like Advanced Task Killer to limit the number of applications running the background. Kill off any unnecessary apps and then try running the game.

more RAM more speed ?

RAM does not affect your speed but the amount of processes it can handle, I never said RAM couldn't affect speed, not only that but you are not gonna be using about 215Mb worth processes on a phone (if you disagree with this it may be obvious that you have not been introduced to programing).

If you have a computer with a CPU that runs at 1.6Ghz and 4Gb RAM and you have another that runs at 1.6Ghz and has 6Gb RAM, Both will work at the same speed if the open a process that takes less that 2Gb's to run.
If you have a computer with a CPU that runs at 1.6 Ghz and has 2Gb's ram and another with a CPU that runs at 2.2Ghz and 1Gb of RAM, your 1.6 will run faster on processes that take up about 1Gb (mabye even 512Mb, I don't feel like doing math) But if the process takes up 256Mb your 2.2 will smoke your 1.6 (This is the reason why we come out with better processors and why 8Gb's of RAM is being questioned as reasonable).

tweaking RAM with ADB

1. create a file in notepad, put the file name

input the following code :
tips and tricks RAM tweak code 1

# This will stabilize the memory leaks in Gingerbread and other ROMs.

# Adjusting Memory Settings
# The values in MB: 10, 16, 24, 68, 76, 92
if [ -e /sys/module/lowmemorykiller/parameters/minfree ]; then
echo "Modifying minfree parameters"
echo "2560,4096,6144,17408,19456,23552" > /sys/module/lowmemorykiller/parameters/minfree
echo "minfree not found"

2. connect your device to a computer, open the folder where there adb.exe through CMD. move that file to a folder with ADB, go to the ADB

then enter the following code :
tips and tricks RAM tweak code 2

D:\ADB\platform-tools>adb push /system/etc/init.d

3. notification will come out successfully. then continue by entering the command "adb shell"

later appearance will change to :
tips and tricks RAM tweak code 3

D:\ADB\platform-tools>adb shell
/ #

4. get into superuser mode, type su (enter super user mode).

and enter this command :

tips and tricks RAM tweak code 3

D:\ADB\platform-tools>adb shell
/ # chmod 777 /system/etc/init.d
chmod 777 /system/etc/init.d

5. restart and done


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