samsung galaxy ace GT-S5830 revolution tips and tricks

Galaxy Samsung Ace (S5830) is a middle-class Android phone, which was carried as a successor to Galaxy Spica Samsung successful in the past.

As an android middle class, Ace offers an interesting specification, 800 MHz processor speed is high for the average velocity in the middle class android device. This phone is by default installed the Android version 2.2.1 (Froyo with latest update) that would in turn make up the performance of this phone & optimal. Coupled with the GPU Adreno 200 which handles the processes associated with graphics and games, making the processor is not burdened while running the game, making the experience of playing 3D games at Galaxy Ace is even more enjoyable.

In this Froyo Android Samsung TouchWiz User Interface using 3.0. Problem display, this phone's screen has 16 million colors with a capacitive touchscreen of 3.5 "which is responsive and supports multi-touch and kinetic scrolling. Who have relatively low resolution of the HVGA (320x480), but the resolution is still comfortable to be seen on the screen 3 , 5 ". In fact it is an advantage because the optimal resolution of the appropriate size of the screen, then the performance of the GPU can work better than the other devices that put on a higher resolution with the same GPU. For the matter of image clarity, this phone does not carry the special AMOLED technology that existed at the Samsung S Galaxy, so the pictures that did not seem too special.

Galaxy Ace Samsung Camera is quite good, with a resolution of 5 MP plus a flash light to help capture images in the dark. And completeness of the application menu & features in image-making / video fairly extensive.

The battery in use is 1350 mAh Lithium Ion battery, which is quite normal to use during the day to day and a half. As with any other android, quite wasteful when compared to the battery of non smartphone phones. This is understandable because a high specification on usually requires the use of high power as well. And unfortunately this is not offset by a battery of 1500 mAh as did its competitors Optimus One.

Touch screen technology can sometimes make the process of typing an sms or email to be difficult for those not familiar with it. But with the features of input options Swype in writing, may facilitate the user in writing. Only with a sweep (move) the finger from letter to letter, will compose a word automatically, without the need to squeeze one by one virtual button.

Samsung Ace Galaxy is the Android phone stylish and powerful middle class that is also balanced between the features.

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830 REVOLUTION tips and tricks


+ os gingerbread 2.3.4
+ 3.5 "touchscreen sensitive capacitve
Support + Multitouch, and kinetic scrolling on the screen
+ 5 MPx camera & flash light
+ Detailed camera settings
+ 800 MHz processor
Flagship + / Samsung flagship product in the middle class
Support + text input method Swype
+ Having a GPU (Adreno 200), graphics processing is separate from the processor
Forms + stylish though copycat iPhone 4.

- RAM 278 Mb
- Remaining free space 158 Mb of internal memory beginning
- The battery charge 1350 mAh
- Processors do not support flash (android experienced by almost all middle class now).
- There is no dedicated camera button


Android Froyo Feature

New Home screen tips widget assists new users on how to configure the home screen with shortcuts and widgets and how to make use of multiple home screens.

The Phone, applications Launcher, and Browser now have dedicated shortcuts on the Home screen, making it easy to access them from any of the 5 home screen panels.

Exchange support
Improved security with the addition of numeric pin or alpha-numeric password options to unlock device. Exchange administrators can enforce password policy across devices.

Remote wipe: Exchange administrators can remotely reset the device to factory defaults to secure data in case device is lost or stolen.

Exchange Calendars are now supported in the Calendar application.

Auto-discovery: you just need to know your user-name and password to easily set up and sync an Exchange account (available for Exchange 2007 and higher).

Global Address Lists look-up is now available in the Email application, enabling users to auto-complete recipient names from the directory.

Camera and Gallery
Gallery allows you to peek into picture stacks using a zoom gesture.

Camera onscreen buttons provide easy access to a new UI for controling zoom, flash, white balance, geo-tagging, focus and exposure. Camcorder also provides an easy way to set video size/quality for MMS and YouTube.

With the LED flash now enabled for the Camcorder, videos can be shot at night or in low light settings.

Portable hotspot
Certain devices like the Nexus One can be turned into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot that can be shared with up to 8 devices.

You can use your Android-powered phone as a 3G connection for a Windows or Linux laptop by connecting their phone to the computer with a USB cable. The connection is then shared between the two devices.

Multiple keyboard languages
Multi-lingual users can add multiple languages to the keyboard and switch between multiple Latin-based input languages by swiping across the space bar. This changes the keys as well as the auto-suggest dictionary.
Improved performance

Performance of the browser has been enhanced using the V8 engine, which enables faster loading of JavaScript-heavy pages.

Dalvik Performance Boost
2x-5x performance speedup for CPU-heavy code over Android 2.1 with Dalvik JIT.

Kernel Memory Management Boost
Improved memory reclaim by up to 20x, which results in faster app switching and smoother performance on memory-constrained devices.

sales package

Galaxy Ace Samsung sales package

[+] 1 Unit Galaxy Ace
[+] 1 Travel Charger
[+] 1 original Battery Capacity 1350mAh
[+] 1 Data Cable
[+] 2 mini CD driver
[+] 1 Samsung 2GB microSD (with adapter)
[+] Additional Back cover (depending on stock, usually buy white Ace got a free back cover is black / reverse)

[*] Warranty card
[*] User guide

test gadget

Having examined the completeness of the above should be followed by:
[+] Making sure there are no dead pixels on lcd screen
[+] Audio works fine
[+] Proximity sensors running

A series of tests can be run by typing in the pass mode call:

*#*#0*#*#* lcd test
*#*#0673#*#* melody test
*#*#0842#*#* device test (vibration test and backlight test)
*#*#2663#*#* touch screen version
*#*#2664#*#* touch screen test
*#*#0588#*#* proximity sensor test
*#*#3264#*#* ram version

[+] Physical checks, including: body condition, test the camera, charging test, function keys

Application Basics

Application Basics For New Users

Applications below are the common applications necessary for the user (perhaps) the first time using Android. Applications below can be obtained from the official market or the 3rd party market (blapkmarket, pandaapp or applanet)

[+] Setcpu (CPU Clock Speed ​​Customization ACE)
[+] Titanium Backup (backup application / data on Ace)
[+] Flashlight (Making the LED flash as "Flashlight")
[+] Swapper (Accelerate the performance of ACE by means of virtual RAM)
[+] Applanet (Applications market in addition to market built ACE)
[+] Advanced Task Killer (Task manager, more feature complete than the default taskmanager)
[+] Cache Cleaner (Clean Cache in ACE, so that the memory capacity of more relief)
[+] Admin App (Backup all Applications that have been installed to form the Installer *. apk more)
[+] Terminal emulator (To run a command as in step virtual memory)
[+] Root Explorer (For editing the Android file system on the ACE)

rooting device

[+] Tutorial below Froyo performed on the operating system (2.2), not on Gingerbread (2.3).


Root is the process to change the privilage (permissions) of a normal user to superuser. In other words, the withdrawal became an administrator in Windows XP OS / seven.
By doing a root we can modify our android device more freely, ranging from setting modification, copying hidden files, install programs, etc.
Root reported can lead to loss of warranty, but the root can also be removed or restored to the position unroot. Root is very safe and does not cause BRICK (handsets total dead and can not be used)

tutorial how to rooting


App2SD is not a feature built in Froyo App2sd. Features App2sd Froyo is a feature that lets users put several applications already installed (and already supports the features app2sd) into the external memory (MicroSD) considering the limited internal memory is only 180 Mb ACE
It is important to realize that features App2sd Froyo still use the internal memory space, so even though they had done App2sd will still significantly reduce the internal memory.
App2SD we are doing here allows us to move almost all the installation files to the external memory (MicroSD), but it is important to remember, the cache data still remains on the internal memory, so there was a reduction of internal memory, although not as much as an innate feature App2sd Froyo.

App2sd there are 3 kinds of methods, among others:
[+] Using Move2SD application Enabler and App2sd Free (downloadable application on the market, the Ace must be in Root)
[+] Using Virtual Memory
[+] App2sd Extreme

[+] For the user the first time using android, it is recommended to use the first method. Meanwhile, for those who already have enough knowledge to use the second method, or the last.
[+] Use as needed and level of understanding of each

Comparison of the application App2sd
for example, we install the game Need For Speed ​​Shift, then:
[+] Conditions installed on Internal memory: 45MB of data cache + upward
[+] If using App2sd method 1: in the internal memory + 15MB data cache
[+] If using App2sd method 2: About 1 MB of internal memory cache + data
[+] If using App2sd method 3: Almost nothing is installed in internal memory, even well into the data cache to SD card.

As an illustration, method 2 has been installed more than 100 applications, have a remaining internal memory above 100MB, but if using method 3 (app2sd extreme) the rest of the internal memory can be larger than 100MB

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